Radio shows about Philip K. Dick

We Can Remember it for You Wholesale, on BBC7, broadcast on june 7th and 8th, 2007.
Reading of the short story (first published in 1966) that was the basis for the movie "Total Recall". Part 1
Part 2

Talk of the Nation, July 25, 2006 ยท The Adaptations of Philip K. Dick
Guests explore the strange and foreboding world of science fiction writer Philip K. Dick and the film adaptations of his work, including the latest, A Scanner Darkly.


  • Marshal Fine, film and TV critic for Star magazine; chairman of Film Critics Circle; author of Accidental Genius: How John Cassavetes Invented American Independent Film
  • Jonathan Lethem, author of The Fortress of Solitude; and Motherless Brooklyn has written about Philip K. Dick and has worked as consultant to his estate
  • Lawrence Sutin, author of Divine Invasions: A Life of Philip K. Dick; his latest book is All Is Change: The Two-Thousand-Year Journey of Buddhism to the West
  • Laura Leslie, the oldest daughter of Philip K. Dick; legally responsible for his estate

Confessions of a Crap Artist (30 min)
Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 - Mon 25 Sep 2006- 23:30
Confessions of a Crap Artist (30 min)
Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 - Mon 25 Sep 2006- 23:30
Writer Philip K Dick gained fame thanks to films like Blade Runner and Total Recall. But in the last years of his life, he encountered something strange and troubling. Ken Hollings investigates.
Listen to the Philip K Dick android in a BBC radio show about the religious experience of PKD (you can skip the first 2 min of unrelated stuff )

Colony - aired on "X Minus One" (Oct.10, 1956)

The Defenders - aired on "X Minus One" (May 22, 1956)