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This page is about the covers of the books of Philip K. Dick that were translated in Bulgarian. If you own books that are not represented here, please submit cover scans by email. We will be happy to add them to the gallery.

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Science Fiction Novels

Philip K. Dick A Scanner Darkly cover Philip K. Dick Deus Irae cover Philip K. Dick Do Androids Dream <br>of Electric Sheep? cover Philip K. Dick The Cosmic Puppets cover Philip K. Dick The Game-Players of Titan cover
A Scanner Darkly Deus Irae Do Androids Dream
of Electric Sheep?
The Cosmic Puppets The Game-Players of Titan
Info Dar 2005 Bard 2004 Argus 1994 Bard 1994 Info Dar 2005
Philip K. Dick The Man in the High Castle cover Philip K. Dick Ubik cover
The Man in the High Castle Ubik
Bard 1993 Burgas 1999


Philip K. Dick 11 PKD Stories cover Philip K. Dick 12 PKD Stories cover Philip K. Dick 34 PKD Stories cover
11 PKD Stories 12 PKD Stories 34 PKD Stories