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We ran into problems with this page and had to rebuild it from scratch, thus the new look.
We will resume posting soon.

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  1. Bill Taylor says:

    There were two printings of the Novel “Dr. Bloodmoney” by Ace Books using the same catalog number 15670. Externally they are identical, not so internally. Copyright pages are identical but the title pages have two different forms of the company name: Ace Books | A Division of Grosset & Dunlap Inc.; Ace Books | A division of CHarter Communications Inc. | A Grosset & Dunlap Company. Both title pages show the same New York address. Ace only used the first name for three months, July-September 1976, and changed it to the latter name in October 1976. Another difference between the two printings are the ads in the back. The earlier name/printing has ads #’d 70A, 64B, 44F, 14L, 45B, 35K, 36F, 17C. The latter name/printing [most likely very early 1977] has ads #’d 7I, 36F, 14L, 15L, 16L, 33I, 45C.

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