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Books About Philip K. Dick

A Family Darkly: Love‚ Loss‚ and the Final Passions of Philip K. Dick (Ann Mini)

Publication of this biography by Ann Mini, daughter of Kleo Mini PKD's second Wife has, has been prevented by the Estate.

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Contemporary Authors (Gale Reference Team)

E-book, 0000

Divine Invasions a Life of Philip K. Dick (Lawrence Sutin)

Classic biography. The one to read if you want want to read only one.

Caroll and Graf, 2005 Citadel, 1991 Harmony, 1989 Harper Collins, 1994 Gollancz, 2006

I am Alive You are dead. A Journey into the Mind of Philip K. Dick. (Emmanuel Carrère)

" ...Carrère combines fact and fiction to form a new sort of genre, blending literary criticism and cultural history with a novelist's earnest speculation." — Los Angeles Times Book Review

Metropolitan Books, 2003 Bloomsbury, 2005 Bloomsbury, 2006

Philip K. Dick’s Owl. Things Are Not As They Appear. (Tessa Dick)

CreateSpace, 2008

Philip K. Dick. A Biography. (Darryl Mason)

Gollancz, 2006

Remembering Firebright (Tessa Dick)

Biography of Philip K. Dick written by his former wife Tessa Dick who met him in 1972.

CreateSpace, 2009

The Dim Reflection of Philip K. Dick (Tessa Dick)

CreateSpace, 2008

The Search For Philip K. Dick (Ann Dick)

Search For Philip K. Dick 1928-1982— A Memoir and Biography of the Science-Fiction Writer. A biography written in 1984 by Ann Dick, former wife of Philip K. Dick. The first editions are rare and expensive. Republished in 2009 and again in 2010 with new materials at an affordable price.

The Edwin Mellen Press, 1995 The Edwin Mellen Press, 1995 Tachyon_Publications, 2010 Point Reyes Cypress Press, 2009

To the High Castle (Gregg Rickmann)

A biography that holds controversial positions on PKD's life

Fragment West/Valentine, 1989