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Voice From The Street (2007)

Voices From the Street written in 1952 is one of the earliest novel Philip K. Dick wrote and was the last unpublished one until November 2007.

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American Editions

  • Tor Books, 2007, 301 pages, $24.95 hard cover
  • Tor Books, 2007, 301 pages, $14.95 soft cover (contains a PKD letter dated February 12, 1982 printed on inside cover)

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Foreign Editions

Back Cover of Book

Stuart Hadley is a young radio electronics salesman in early 1950s Oakland, California. He has what many would consider the ideal life; a nice house, a pretty wife, a decent job with prospects for advancement, but he still feels unfulfilled; something is missing from his life. Hadley is an angry young man—an artist, a dreamer, a screw-up. He tries to fill his void first with drinking, and sex, and then with religious fanaticism, but nothing seems to be working, and it is driving him crazy. He reacts to the love of his wife and the kindness of his employer with anxiety and fear.One of the earliest books that Dick ever wrote, and the only novel that has never been published, Voices from the Street is the story of Hadley’s descent into depression and madness, and out the other side.Most known in his lifetime as a science fiction writer, Philip K. Dick is growing in reputation as an American writer whose powerful vision is an ironic reflection of the present. This novel completes the publication of his canon.