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Confessions of a Crap Artist (1975)


  • Pictures of places described in Confessions.

Confessions of a Crap Artist is Philip K. Dick's only mainstream novel that was published during his lifetime and it is probably his best one. The story is set around the town of Point Reyes station in Marin County, north of San Francisco, where PKD lived in the early 60's.

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American Editions

  • Entwhistle 1975, 171 pages, $25.00, 90 numbered copies signed by Dick, hard cover
  • Entwhistle 1975, 171 pages, $10.00, 410 copies, hard cover
  • Entwhistle 1975, 171 pages, $5.75, trade paperback
  • Entwhistle 1978, 171 pages, $3.95, trade paperback
  • Timescape 1982, 207 pages, 2.75, paperback
  • Vintage 1992, 246 pages, $10.00, trade paperback

British Editions

  • Magnum 1979, 172 pages, £1.25, paperback
  • Paladin 1989, 272 pages, £4.50, trade paperback
  • Gollancz 2005, 256 pages, £7.50, trade paperback

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