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The Golden Man (1980)

The short story the Golden Man was used as an inspiration for the movie Next.

American Editions

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Berkley, 1980 SFBCE, 1980 Magnum, 1981 Methuen, 1983


The Golden Man

  • The Golden Man (1954)
  • Return Match (1967)
  • The King Of The Elves (1953)
  • The Mold Of Yancy (1955)
  • Not By Its Cover (1968)
  • The Little Black Box (1964)
  • The Unreconstructed M (1957)
  • The War With The Fnools (1974)
  • The Last Of The Masters (1954)
  • Meddler (1954)
  • A Game Of Unchance (1964)
  • Sales Pitch (1954)
  • Precious Artifact (1964)
  • Small Town (1954)
  • The Pre-Persons (1974)