PHILIP K DICK Conference 2016

The 2016  Philip K Dick Conference will take place in Fullerton, CA on April 29-30.

For information about registration and accommodation visit this page.

The program has not been communicated yet, but we know that there will be a keynote talk by Dr. Ursula Heise and a plenary talk by Jonathan Lethem.  James Blaylock, sf authors and alums of CSUF will be there and many more guests to come!

In 1972,  Philip K. Dick moved to Fullerton, California, in Orange County, at the behest of Dr. Willis McNelly, Professor of English at California State University, Fullerton. Dick lived in the OC for ten years until his death in 1982, and left his manuscripts and papers to CSUF’s Special Collections in the library

Philip K. Dick Conference

2016 Philip K Dick Conference Poster

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Fancy Covers of Recent French Editions of Philip K. Dick Novels

The French publisher J’ai lu has been publishing Philip K. Dick books since 1975 at a steady pace. In the past couple of years they published most of the PKD catalog with beautiful original cover art.

Philip K. Dick Calns of the alphane moon Philip K. Dick Ganymede Takeover Philip K. DIck Our Firends From Frolix 8 Philip K. Dick Gather YOurselves together Philip K. Dick Eye in the Sky Philip K. Dick Time out of Joint Philip K. Dick Simulacra Philip K. Dick Cosmic Puppets Philip K. Dick Vulcan's Hammer Philip K. Dick Game Players of Titan Philip K Dick The World Jones Made Philip K Dick The Three Stigmata of Plamer Eldritch Philip K. Dick We Can Build You Philip K. Dick Galactic Pothealer Philip K. Dick the penultimate truth Philip K. Dick Martian Time Slip Philip K. Dick Noew Wait for Last Year Philip K. Dick Dr Futurity Philip K. Dick Dr Bloodmoney Philip K. Dick Flow my Tears The Policeman Said Philip K. Dick Confessions of a Crap Artist Philip K. Dick The Crack in Space Philip K. Dick Blade runner Philip K. Dick Counter Clock World

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New Page New Look

We ran into problems with this page and had to rebuild it from scratch, thus the new look.
We will resume posting soon.

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